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When health is the most important thing 

Health is important to avoid illness and pain, as well as to have the energy to cope with everyday challenges. In other words, health is the best foundation for a good life. When you talk about physical health, it is first and foremost about having a healthy body. Several factors come into play here, such as sleep, exercise, diet and what you should preferably avoid, e.g. smoking. We know all that well and yet it can be difficult to fulfill. On this website I want to show how good quality food supplements can make a difference.

The healthy fatty acids

Fish and fish oil contain EPA and DHA – omega3 fatty acids, which are vital and essential for the body to function optimally. The body does not produce omega3 fatty acids itself, so it is necessary to get them through the diet or a dietary supplement.
If you do not get enough of the healthy omega3 fatty acids, it is the body's vital organs that first receive the essential fatty acids. You can live with a bowel that does not function optimally, a skin with eczema or a little pain in the joints.

The important cell membrane

All cells in your body are surrounded by a cell membrane whose main job is to let substances in and out of the cell.
Membrane flexibility is extremely important for the cell to carry out its work. In cases where the cell is in deficit of fatty acids, it becomes stiff and works worse. As a result, it is more difficult for waste substances and cell products to be expelled from the cell, and it is more difficult for it to absorb signals and nutrients. It has been shown that the flexibility of the cell membrane is increased by the presence of the omega3 fatty acid DHA. (Feller et al.) Both omega3 and omega6 fatty acids are found in the cell membrane. Both are essential, but while we get plenty of omega6 in our diet, most people get too little omega3 in their diet. There should be a balance between the presence of the two fatty acids in the cell membrane, so that it becomes soft and permeable.  

What does omega3 do in my body?

The normal functions of the brain are supported. They only are from the omega3 fatty acid DHA. This applies to everyone, children and adults. DHA also helps maintain a normal vision, and helps with the normal development of the child's brain when the fatty acid is consumed by the pregnant or breastfeeding woman. Several studies now also show that DHA and EPA help ensure that the heart functions normally. Finally, the fatty acids in large quantities (2-3 grams daily) help to maintain a normal blood pressure and the fat triglyceride in the blood. Omega3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect, that is, they inhibit inflammatory conditions, while omega6 fatty acids promote inflammation.

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